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Prime Time PlusSM

Prime Time Plus是一种免费而简单的方式,可以在你的电费账单上赚取积分, saving you money each month.

Now your heating and cooling system, water heater and pool pump (if you have one) can actually save you money. The more equipment you have, the more you can save! The average customer earns $144 per year. And, we’ll install a free smart thermostat with an app for added convenience. Prime Time Plus is simple – you just sit back and save.

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  1. Log into your account, select Prime Time Plus, and answer a few qualifying questions. 

  2. Don’t have a username and password? Register now.

  3. Call 813-275-3909 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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How it works


Here’s how Tampa Electric’s Prime Time Plus program works.

  • You allow Tampa Electric to temporarily turn off your heating and cooling, 在电力需求非常高的时期安装热水器和泳池泵(如适用). We will notify you when this occurs.
  • In exchange, you’ll earn monthly bill credits*. 您的每月积分将根据您选择连接到Prime Time Plus的设备而有所不同.
  • 一个用于与热水器和/或泳池泵通信的小型控制装置将安装在设备附近.
  • We’ll install a smart thermostat that includes access to a mobile app, letting you adjust temperature settings, set flexible scheduling, receive usage reports, reminder alerts and more, whether you’re at home or away.

这个表格显示了你可以为每件装备赚取的信用金额. Connect all three, you’ll receive a credit up to $144 per year. The more equipment you connect, the more credits you get!

Equipment Monthly Credit Annual Credit
Heating and Cooling $6 $72
Water Heater $3 $36
Pool Pump $3 $36
TOTAL $12 $144


Why we offer Prime Time Plus

Prime Time Plus提供了一种帮助所有客户保持低能源成本的方法. 它通过让澳门网上真人赌博官网在需求极高的时期减少用电量来做到这一点. Peak demand can occur at any time, 但通常发生在早晨(冬季)或下午(夏季)人们做饭的时候, using hot water, turning on heating and cooling, etc. 通过减少需求,澳门线上真人博彩官网可以避免投资额外的发电设施.

When you participate in Prime Time Plus, you’re helping to preserve natural resources, 推迟对更多发电厂的需求,降低每个人的能源成本.

*Minimum of 400 kWh/mo. consumption required to receive credits.

Smart Thermostat and App

PrimeTimePlusThermostat.jpg能源之星®认证的智能恒温器,您将收到免费让您调整温度设置, set flexible scheduling, receive usage reports, reminder alerts and more, whether you’re at home or away.

Heating and Cooling Monitoring

  • Smart Alerts notify you when your system may need service.
  • Service Reminders tell you it’s time for routine maintenance or service.
  • Usage Reports provide monthly system information.

Other popular features

  • Smart Home Compatible because it works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings smart home platforms.
  • 湿度控制可以帮助您保持舒适的加湿/除湿控制.
  • 通过增加空气循环,循环风扇有助于最大限度地提高舒适性和平衡整个家庭的温度.
  • 键盘锁定让您保持完全控制,通过禁用其他人在恒温器所做的更改.
  • 温度限制可以防止其他人调节温度过高或过低.
  • 通过灵活调度调节温度,可节省23%左右的冷暖费用, remote access, and geofencing.

智能恒温器提供了一个移动应用程序,可以让你在家或外出时管理你的供暖和制冷. At the time of your installation, Prime Time Plus安装专家将帮助您获取应用程序并演示如何使用它.

Helpful videos

The following equipment qualifies for Prime Time Plus

  • PTPCheckbox.jpgHeating and Cooling -中央管道电加热和冷却,或中央管道电加热. A Wi-Fi Internet connection and an IOS or Android mobile device are required.
  • Water Heater – An electric tank water heater is all it takes.
  • Pool Pump – Most pool pumps qualify. 然而,有一些变速泵与内部定时器控制,可能不符合条件.

Prime Time Plus requires that you have a digital smart meter. Most customers already have a smart meter at their residence.

Prime Time Plus is not available 给那些安装了太阳能电表和/或参与澳门线上真人博彩官网的能源规划计划的客户.


PrimeTimePlusThermostat.jpgOn installation day, 澳门线上真人博彩官网的授权承包商将用Prime Time Plus智能恒温器替换您现有的恒温器. In addition, 将安装一个用于与热水器和/或泳池泵通信的小型控制装置. 控制装置通常放置在车库、杂物间或壁橱中. Installation is free and takes about two hours to complete.



澳门网上真人赌博官网黄金时段专家将陪同安装承包商. They will take time to demonstrate how to use the smart thermostat, 帮助你下载免费的应用程序,并确保你使用设备舒适.

Prime Time PlusSM testimonials

Send Your Testimonial.

Welcome to the Prime Time Plus customer testimonial page. 澳门线上真人博彩官网邀请您阅读其他人的观点,并鼓励您发送自己的观点. Prime Time Plus是几个节能计划之一,旨在帮助你节省能源和金钱.

Mike K., Tampa

Frequently Asked Questions

A. 根据历史需求数据,一个典型的控制时间将持续一个小时左右. However, if we experience extremely high demand, 您的设备可以在白天和晚上关闭一次或多次, lasting for more than one hour at a time.


  • Heating and cooling – a maximum of 88 hours per year
  • Water heater – no maximum
  • Pool pump – a maximum of 88 hours per year

A. Yes, you will receive a notification via the thermostat and app. In addition, you’ll have the option to receive alerts via email.

A. If you’re unable to accept a controlled event on any specific day, call Tampa Electric’s Energy Management Services at 813-275-3909. 如果某一事件在当天没有发生,它将不计入您的退出限制.

A. 当你的供暖和制冷系统被控制时,智能恒温器会显示一条消息. 当你的泳池泵和/或热水器被控制时,一个LED灯将照亮控制设备.  

A. If a control even will cause an inconvenience, you can opt out in advance. For example, 如果您计划在星期五招待客人,并且不希望在那天发生控制事件, 你可以在周五之前的任何时间通过致电澳门网上真人赌博官网的能源管理服务选择退出 813-275-3909. You cannot opt out on the day of a controlled event or once it begins.

A. You should see no impact to how you use your timers.

A. Opting out one time within a control season (Summer is May-Oct., Winter is Nov.-Apr.) will have no impact on your credits. 但是,连续两次选择退出将导致信用损失,直到下一个控制事件发生.

A. 您每月的电费账单将反映您在前一个月服务期间所获得的积分.

A. 如果你租房子,澳门线上真人博彩官网鼓励你通知你的房东并获得许可.  When you sign up for Prime Time Plus, 您将选择一个选项,以验证您的房东是否知道并已批准在住宅安装黄金时段Plus.

A. 是的,无论住宅类型,所有住宅客户都可以使用黄金时段Plus. 如果你租房子,澳门线上真人博彩官网鼓励你通知你的房东并获得许可. When you sign up for Prime Time Plus, 您将选择一个选项,以验证您的房东是否知道并已批准在住宅安装黄金时段Plus.

Here’s an alternative to Prime Time Plus

If you want to save even more, check out our free Energy Planner 这个程序可以让你在一天中用电需求最低的时候计划你的最高能源使用量. By doing so, we’re able to “reward” you with lower rates. Think of it as shopping every day during a limited-time sale! Here’s a side-by-side comparison.


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所有澳门线上真人博彩官网团队成员和承包商都必须携带带照片的身份证. 如果您不确定个人与澳门线上真人博彩官网的关系,请 contact us for verification.