Your Billing Experience

To complement your monthly paper or paperless bill, 您可以访问在线互动账单,该账单提供了有关您的能源使用和费用的额外见解.

How to read your Bill

Looking for an overview of your bill? 从列表中选择账单,了解账单的不同部分.

Note: The various bill types are for informational purposes only. Your actual rates and charges may vary.

Standard Residential Customer
Budget Billing Customer
Energy Planner Customer
Net Meter Customer
Sun Select Customer
Zap Cap Systems Customer
Natural Gas & Electric Combination Customer

Features of your Bill


Account Summary & Messaging
The account summary component highlights information of high importance to you, offers easy payment options and detailed messaging regarding your bill.
Billing Insights and Recommendations
Make informed decisions about your bill by viewing the billing insights component. 它显示了每月和每年的使用比较,以及如何节省资金和能源的可行建议, just for you!
Robust Usage Chart
The Interactive Bill features both a daily and monthly usage graph, with the ability to see how temperature data affects your bill. 您可以通过使用图形上的控件来选择查看温度数据、使用数据或成本数据.
Billing Summary & Charge Explanations
账单摘要显示了您所有费用的清晰布局,并区分了公用事业费用和税收. Want to know what a charge means? 您可以点击收费旁边的问号以获得定义.

Billing FAQ

Paper Bill

A. 滚动到这个网页的底部,以访问适用于您的账单的术语和定义. 您也可以通过点击交互式账单上的工具提示来了解您的费用.

A. 扫描二维码将带你到你的在线账户,访问你的互动账单.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the camera application on your mobile device
  2. Hover the camera over the QR Code until it is visible on the screen
  3. A border appears around the QR Code, and a link appears on the screen
  4. Once the link is visible through your camera, click on it
  5. This directs you to your Tampa Electric account
  6. Login to account using your username and password

Interactive Bill

A. The Interactive Bill is a resource for you to access personalized insights, view important messages regarding your billing, understand bill fluctuations, and more.

The Paper Bill and the Interactive Bill are built to work together seamlessly. While the Paper Bill simplifies your billing information, 交互式账单提供了您的使用细节和帐户历史的全面概述, allowing you to dive deeper into areas of interest.

A. 不需要,互动账单是除了纸质账单之外,你还可以使用的一个工具. 交互式账单显示所有与纸质账单相同的信息,但如果您希望深入了解,还可以提供更多细节.

A. 交互式账单将反映几乎实时的信息,反映所支付的任何款项, current balance, and any other adjustments to the bill.

A. 是的,只有那些拥有账户用户名和密码的人才能登录并查看您的账单信息. Learn more about our privacy policy.

A. If you receive a Paper Bill in the mail or a paperless bill, 它会有一个二维码,扫描后会引导你到你的在线互动账单. After logging in, you’ll be taken directly to your Interactive Bill. You can also sign in at then select a billing period to access your interactive bill for that timeframe.

Please note: To access the interactive version of your bill, you must create an online account or sign into your existing account.


A. Yes, 该法案通过了广泛的ADA测试,以确保所包含的所有组件都能得到所有人的认可.

Paperless Billing

A. To switch your billing preference to Paperless, 您需要登录到您的帐户,并在主登录页面单击无纸化计费. Under settings, there is a toggle to turn paperless billing on or off.

A. Yes! As a Paperless customer, you will receive an email each month, also known as a Paperless Notification, letting you know that your bill is ready to be viewed and paid. 你可以将你的实际账单与上面“如何阅读账单”部分的注释版本进行比较.

Typical charges that appear on your electric bill

Basic Service Charge

每月的基本服务费用包括维护电表和为你的家庭或公司提供电力服务的电线的费用. It also covers the cost of reading the meter, maintaining customer records and accounting for bill payments, credit and other transactions. Every customer incurs this charge – even if electricity isn't used during the month.

Energy Charge

每月的能源费包括你所购买的电力生产的所有其他费用, except fuel. This includes conservation, environmental and capacity cost recovery charges.

Fuel Charge

每月的燃料费转化为用于发电的燃料成本. Fuel costs are passed through from our fuel suppliers to you with no markup. Depending on the programs you participate in, you may see other items on your bill such as Zap Cap Systems®, Renewable Energy, Outdoor Lighting, Share, and others.

Average kWh per day – The average amount of electricity purchased per day.

Basic Service Charge – A fixed daily amount that covers the cost to provide service to your location. This charge is billed monthly regardless of any electricity used.

Bright ChoicesSM – The associated fees and charges for leased outdoor lighting services.

Budget Billing -可选计划平均你家最近12个月的账单周期,这样你每个月为你的服务支付相同的金额.

Clean Energy Transition Mechanism (CETM) -用于回收与电表升级和关闭某些燃煤发电厂相关的成本,以支持坦帕电力向清洁能源转型.

Energy Charge – For residential, small commercial and lighting customers, 包括生产和输送您购买的电力的成本(燃料除外), including conservation, environmental and capacity cost recovery charges. For other customers, the three cost recovery charges appear as separate line items.

Estimated – If Tampa Electric was unable to read your meter, “ESTIMATED” will appear. 你的电表将在下个月被读出,任何差异将被相应地调整.

Florida Gross Receipts Tax -对提供给佛罗里达州零售客户的公用事业服务的总收入征收税款, in accordance with Chapter 203 of the Florida Statutes. 公用事业公司向所有客户收取税款,除非获得豁免,然后汇给国家.

Florida State Tax -对在该州从事零售销售或租赁有形个人财产业务的每个人征收的税, in accordance with Chapter 212 of the Florida Statutes.

Franchise Fee -市政当局对使用公共财产提供电力服务的权利征收的费用. The fee is collected by Tampa Electric and paid to the municipality.

Fuel Charge – Cost of fuel used to produce electricity you purchased. 燃料成本从燃料供应商转移到澳门线上真人博彩官网的客户,澳门线上真人博彩官网没有加价或利润.
Kilowatt-Hours (kWh) – The basic measurement of electric energy use.

Late Payment Charge -逾期金额超过10元,滞纳金为5元或1元中较高者.5% of the past due amount. For past due amounts of $10 or less, the late payment charge is 1.5% of the past due amount.

Municipal Public Service Tax – Many municipalities levy a tax on the electricity you use. It is collected by Tampa Electric and paid to the municipality.

Past Due -先前的收费如逾期,须缴付滞纳金,并可能导致断网.

Prime Time PlusSM -一个住宅项目,允许澳门网上真人赌博官网在电力需求极高的时期暂时中断某些电器的供电,每月为你的电费提供抵免.

Rate Schedule – The amount (rate) you pay depends on your customer category. The cost of providing service varies with the customer group.

Share – A Tampa Electric program that helps pay energy bills for customers in need. Want to help? 您的免税捐款由澳门网上真人赌博官网匹配,并由第三方管理.

Storm Protection Charge -为进一步保护电网免受飓风或其他极端天气事件的影响而进行的额外加固工作的成本.

Storm Surcharge – The charge that will recover the cost of storms charged to the storm reserve.

Sun SelectSM -从专用太阳能发电设施购买能源的生产成本. You pay no fuel charge for the Sun Select portion of your bill.

Sun to GoSM -从太阳能发电源购买的电量,为“太阳到Go”计划服务, which provides optional renewable energy purchases in 200 kWh blocks.

Total Amount Due – This month’s charges will be past due after the date shown. THIS DATE DOES NOT EXTEND THE DATE ON ANY PREVIOUS BALANCE. 请务必在此日期之前付款,以免服务中断.

Zap Cap Systems® – Surge protection for your home or business sold separately as a non-energy charge.


View terms and definitions that apply to a Peoples Gas bill.

About bill estimating

在极少数情况下,澳门线上真人博彩官网可能不得不根据过去的客户用电量来估计账单金额. 在不太可能发生的情况下,仪表不传送读数或者澳门线上真人博彩官网无法访问仪表, 澳门线上真人博彩官网将使用多步计算来估算,考虑到你之前的用电量以及最近的天气影响. This helps us make an accurate estimate when a physical reading is not possible. Any needed corrections will be reflected on your following billing statement.

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